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Responsibilities of Borrowers

Eligible faculty, students, and staff will:
  • Obtain and sign a free OK-Share borrower's agreement/card from the home academic library of the Oklahoma educational institution where they are employed or attend as a student. Acceptance of an OK-Share card constitutes the agreement specifying the privileges and obligations associated with participation in the program and agreement to comply with the terms and conditions of participation set out in the borrower's agreement. The OK-Share card, obtained and issued by each home library as needed, may be used by any OK-Share lending library to provide a free courtesy card that will have the automation barcode or address information as required by the specific lending library. This courtesy card is valid only at the issuing lending library.

  • Present appropriate identification as required by this agreement and the lending library.

  • Observe the regulations of the lending library. Failure to observe the circulation or usage regulations of the lending library by any faculty, student or staff member of an OK-Share library will result in withdrawal of any rights as spelled out in this agreement.

  • Return materials in person or by first class, insured mail within the loan period prescribed by the lending library. All material returned by first class, insured mail must be insured for a minimum amount of insurance of at least $100 as provided by the post office or parcel service.

  • Return materials immediately in person or by a form of priority mail if recalled by the lending library. Since home libraries must provide preference to its own faculty, students, staff, or programs, failure to return materials on demand may be the basis for revocation of privileges by the lending library.

  • Pay fines or any other charges assessed by the lending library, including, but not limited to, charges incurred as the result of late return, damage, or loss of materials.

  • Surrender the OK-Share card or courtesy card to any OK-Share library staff if requested.

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