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Who can help me with . . .?

Research   Ask a Librarian   425-5312
Computer or printer problems   Ask a Librarian
Help Desk
Interlibrary loan   Connie Maple   425-5324
Questions about my library account   Kathy Fuller   425-5316
Lost/missing books   Kathy Fuller   425-5316
Scheduling library instruction   Chris Rosser   425-5323
Microfilm and microfiche   Ask a Librarian   425-5312
Photocopiers and change   Circulation desk   425-5312
Reserves   Tamie Willis   425-5320
Archives   JJ Compton   425-5314
Restoration History Collection   JJ Compton   425-5314
Periodicals   Tamie Willis   425-5320
Suggestions   Tamie Willis   425-5320

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