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10th and Francis Church of Christ, Oklahoma City.

Preserving a Legacy

At the Beam Library, we recognize our unique capacity to both honor and perpetuate our heritage by helping Churches of Christ particularly in Oklahoma preserve, protect, and pass on the record of their congregations for future generations. To do this, we are collecting items such as:

  • photographs of members, events, and church buildings
  • church bulletins
  • records of church meetings
  • missionary newsletters
  • other items of historical significance

These materials provide a record of the spiritual legacy our churches have established over many decades. We would like to help your congregation think about what materials should be maintained so the record of your congregation’s history and story is preserved.

Please consider partnering with the Beam Library in the following ways:


  • identify items that will be important to preserve as historic records
  • contact us to discuss the donation of either originals or copies of these items


  • donate materials related to Churches of Christ or the Restoration Movement so the Beam Library can preserve and make them accessible to others
  • consider making a financial donation that will specifically help support our important endeavor to develop this irreplaceable collection

For more information, please contact:

Chris Rosser
Theological Librarian
(405) 425-5323
JJ Compton
(405) 425-5314

Please send comments or suggestions to Chris Rosser.