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Abilene Christian University Yearbooks
The full text of the Abilene Christian University yearbooks from 1916 to the present.
Academic Info
A subject directory of internet resources tailored to a college and university audience.
AccountingTerminology Guide
Contains over 450 entries for accounting terms commonly used by accountants and financial analysts.
Acronym Finder
A database of acronyms, abbreviations, and initialisms with over 302,000 definitions.
ACU Special Collections Blog
Information about the Special Collections at Abilene Christian University. Many of the items are related to Restoration History in some way.
ACU Special Collections Photographs
Images of the items in the Special Collections at Abilene Christian University. Many of the items are related to Restoration History in some way.
ACU Special Collections Videos
Videos created for the Special Collections at Abilene Christian University. Many of the items in the Special Collections are related to Restoration History in some way.
Provides references to published membership/adherent statisticsand congregation statistics for over 4,200 religions, churches, denominations, religious bodies, faith groups, tribes, cultures, movements, ultimate concerns, etc.
A volunteer operated information resource for the adoption community.
Advertising Age
An online magazine about advertising.
Afghanistan Online
A privately owned, independent web site that provides updated news and information on Afghanistan.
Africa Focus: Sights and Sounds of a Continent
The goal of this project, sponsored by the University of Wisconsin-Madison Libraries, is to provide the general public with aselection of the images and sounds with the hope that this will enhance the study and understanding of the many facets of the African continent. It brings together images captured on slides and in photographs as well as sound recordings on reel-to-reel and audio cassette that have been reproduced and stored on digital files accessible by any computer of a reasonable minimum capacity.
African American Perspectives
Pamphlets from the Daniel A. P. Murray Pamphlet Collection, which presents a panoramic and eclectic review of African-American historyand culture, spanning almost one hundred years from the early nineteenth through the early twentieth centuries, with the bulk of the material published between 1875 and 1900.
African American Women Writers of the 19th Century
Archives of writing by African American women.
Provides information about jobs, employers, graduate school, and professional associations.
Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry
Features news and information sources on toxic substances.
Provides a central source for information on clinical trials for patientswith HIV and AIDS, federally approved HIV treatment and prevention guidelines, and medical practice guidelines, as well as information on anti-HIV medications, including side effects, dosages, and interactions withother drugs or food.
Alexander Campbell
Information about Alexander Campbell's life and writings.
Alexander Campbell's Alexander Campbell's Living Oracles
The full test of The full test of Living Oracles
All Academic
All Academic provides full-featured search tools for academic resourceson the internet. The All Academic search index offers tools and browseable links for scholars looking for quality on-line academic resources. The search results are listed in a choice of APA, MLA, or Chicago style and include abstracts for articles as well as the date of posting and some author information. Searches can be run by subject, author, publication, or article title.
All-In-One Biblical Resources Search
Serves as a starting point for searching various translations of the Bible and the Greek New Testament available online. Provides information about the Ancient World and more, as well.
One of the largest search engines on the Internet.
Amateur Telescope Optics
An online textbook about how telescopes form images and the factors that determine the quality of the images.
Information about books, including reviews and author interviews, as well as an opportunity to purchase books.
AMDOCS: Documents for the Study of American History
Contains links to full text primary resources that have been digitizedby academic institutions. Includes documents from the 15th century tothe 21st century in a chronological listing.
America's Job Bank
A service of the United States Department of Labor and your state's Public Employment Service Agency.
American Business Leaders of the Twentieth Century
An effort to identify and chronicle the lives of 20th century men and women whose business leadership shaped the ways that people live, work, and interact.
American Demographics
The online version of American Demographics.
American Elements
Information about each of the elements, including properties, safety data and applications.
American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language
Provides definitions, illustrations, and scholarly appendices.
American Institute of Physics
Provides general information on Physics. Contains lists of other Web sites as well as services such as online journals and software archives.
American Journeys
A product of collaboration between the Wisconsin Historical Society and National History Day, this site contains over 18,000 pages from more than 150 early North American travel narratives.
American Mathematical Society
The AMS was founded in 1888 to further the interests of mathematical research and scholarship, and its Web site provides access to numerous online resources in mathematics.
American Memory Project
The Library of Congress provides a synopsis of American history for a particular day in history.
American Memory:Historical Collections for the National Digital Library
Collections of primary source and archival material relating to American culture and history. The site offers more than 7 million digital items from more than 100 historical collections.
American Nurses Association (ANA)
Information on current issues in nursing as well as a career center with a searchable jobs database.
American Philosophical Association
Information on the APA. Also offers links to other Web resources for philosophers.
American Psychological Association
The official home page of the American Psychological Association. Includes PsychNET, a site that provides information on Psychology and the applications of Psychology with many informative documents.
American Society of International Law, Electronic Resource Guide
The Electronic Resource Guide, often called the ERG, has been published online by the American Society of International Law since 1997. Systematically updated and continuously expanded, the ERG is designed to be used by students, teachers, practitioners, and researchers as a self-guided tour of relevant, quality, up-to-date online resources covering important areas of international law.
American Society of Missiology Links
Links to missions resources provided by the American Society of Missiology.
American Women
A gateway to Library of Congress resources for the study of women's history and culture in the United States.
AmericanVerse Project
Searchable poetry archive of 19th century American poetry.
Amortization Calculator
Provides an amortization schedule as well as payment and interest information for loans.
AmphibiaWeb offers ready access to taxonomic information for every recognized species of amphibian in the world. Species descriptions, life history information, conservation status, literature references, photos and range maps are available for many species and are being added to regularly by specialists and volunteers from around the world.
Ancient History, Archaeology and Biblical Studies
Provides access to online versions of documents by archaeologists and ancient writers, as well as a few Bible study tools.
Ancient World Online
The primary focus of Ancient World Online is notice and comment on open access material relating to the ancient world, but other kinds of networked information will be included as they come available.
Animal Info
Provides information about rare, threatened, and endangered animals around the world. The site can be searchedby species, species group, or country.
Annotated Bibliography of Government Documents Related to the Threatof Terrorism & the Attacks ofSeptember 11, 2001
This bibliography is intended to serve as a means of access to information produced by the United States Government concerning the events of September11.
Annotated New Testament Exegesis Bibliography-Denver Seminary
Exegesis Bibliography prepared by the New Testament Department of Denver Seminary.
Annotated Old Testament Exegesis Bibliography-Denver Seminary
Exegesis Bibliography prepared by the Old Testament Department of Denver Seminary.
Instant access to annual reports in one single location.
Answering Islam: A Christian-Muslim dialog
The goal of this site is to be in a respectful dialog and factual discussion with Muslims, as well as to give answers to their questions and responses to the attacks against the Christian faith that are inherent in Islam.
Anthropology Gateway
Directory of online anthropology resources.
Anywho Toll-free Directory
Find your free 800 and 888 long distance numbers here.
Locate software on anonymous FTP sites on the Internet.
Archive of African Journals
Full text of articles of eleven social science and humanities journals published in Africa.
ArchNet: Main Menu
Serves as the World Wide Web Virtual Library for Archaeology. This server provides access to archaeological resources available on the Internet. Information is categorized by geographic region and subject.
Armadillo's K-12 WWW Resources
A list where teachers can quickly access resource materials for direct use in their lesson plans or as additional resources for students to explore.
Art History
Links to information about many types of art.
Arts Edge Network
Resources for Art Education.
Archive provided by Cornell University for electronic preprints of scientific papers in the fields of mathematics, physics, astronomy, computer science, quantitative biology and statistics.
Ask Jeeves
Search results are usually prefaced by questions aimed at helping users find the information they want.
The database contains detailed information on nearly twenty-eight thousand American artists and can be accessed through a name keyword search, and alphabetically arranged artist index, or by category.
ASME International
Home page for the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) International serves its members, industry, and government by encouraging the development of new technologies and finding solutions to the problems of an increasingly global technological society. ASME International is one of the world's largest voluntary standards-setting organizations.
Association for Computing Machinery (ACM)
The ACM is the world's largest educational and scientific computing society, and its Web site offers access to resources that advance computing as a science and a profession.
Association of Religion Data Archives
Allows you to interactively explore the highest quality data on American and international religion using online features for generating national profiles, maps, church membership overviews, denominational heritage trees, tables, charts, and other summary reports. Over 350 data files are available for online preview, and most can be downloaded for additional research.
Online version of the magazine Astronomy.
Astronomy Hypertext Book
A hypertext textbook on Astronomy written at the college level. Contains interactive information about astronomy and offers links to sites that offer assistance in Astronomy.
AstroWeb: Astronomical Internet Resources
A collection of links to astronomically relevant Internet resources.
ATLA Cooperative Digital Resources Initiative
A repository of digital resources that includes digital images o fwoodcuts, photographs, slides, papyri, coins, maps, and manuscripts.
Austen (Jane) Information Page
Extensive collection of Internet resources on the life and work of Jane Austen. Includes full text of her novels, biographies, bibliographies and essays.
Avalon Project
The objective of this project by Yale Law School is to provide access to digital records pertinent to the fields of history, economics, law,politics, diplomacy and government. The collection has over 150 documents dating from the pre-18th century to the 21st century.
Awesome Library
Over 10,000 sites organized especially for teachers, students and parents. Organizes your exploration of the Web with 10,000 carefully reviewed resources. It includes a directory, an index, and a search engine.
A Catalog of Mathematics Resources on the WWW and the Internet
Links to: pure mathematics and history of mathematics; applied mathematics; math teaching; math education and math student servers; statistics; mathematics gophers; mathematics discussion groups; mathematics newsletters and announcements; mathematics newsgroups; mathematics software, books, and publications; mathematical art and graphics; and miscellaneous servers in mathematics.
A Celebration of Women Writers
Contains extensive search capabilities that allow users to find online editions of rare and out-of-print books. Also provides links to a wide variety of sites and resources related to women's writing.
A Profile of Older Americans
Links to online statistical information on the demographic characteristics, health, social conditions, and economic condition of older persons.
A Vision of Britain Through Time
Information about Britain between 1801 and 2001 that includes maps, statistical trends and historical descriptions.

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