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WashLaw WEB
Full-text, keyword searching of legal resources; Statutory and Administrative Law (U. S. Constitution, U. S. Code, U. S. Tax Code, U. S. Congress- Bills, Congressional Record, Code of Fed. Reg., Federal Register, Fed. Rules of Civil Pro.), Caselaw (Supreme Court Opinions - Cornell, All Federal Caselaw - Washburn, All Circuit Court of Appeals Opinions- Law Journal Extra - Divided Into Different Circuits), State Law (Full Text State Law - Washburn), and Law Journals (Full Text Law Journals - Washburn).
Web Concordances of Romantic Poetry
Provides an online concordance to the works of Shelley, Keats, and others.
Web of Addictions
The Web of Addictions is dedicated to providing accurate information about alcohol and other drug addictions. Includes a link to the Christian Recovery Connection.
Web Taxi
Huge list of search engines, complete with descriptions and direct interfaces.
Search WWW document content.
A periodic table database. Contains links to data for the first 109 elements. The names of the elements from 104 through 109 are the American Chemical Society's suggestions in honor of Professor Seaborg's accomplishments.
Wesley Center for Applied Theology
This site is designed to provide information concerning the life and works of John Wesley. Also, at this location are materials related to Biblical, Theological and Pastoral Studies, which Wesley emphasized throughout his ministry.
Who Are the Churches of Christ? And What Do They Believe In? by Batsell Barrett Baxter.
An examination of the Churches of Christ.
Who's Who in the Federal Government
Provides lists of: Cabinet members, Congressional leadership, Congressional committee chairs, and Administrators of selected federal agencies. There are also links to biographical information about each listed official.
Wikipedia is a communal encyclopedia whose content is written collaboratively by people from all around the world.
This site offers a biography, photos, primary and secondary bibliographies, links to texts online, reviews, and more about Willa Cather.
Wolfram MathWorld
An extensive mathematical resource provided by Wolfram Research, makers of Mathematica.
Women in American History
Provided by the Encyclopedia Britannica, this site includes a biographical dictionary, primary documents, and links to other sites about women's history.
Women in Politics
A searchable database that contains bibliographic citations for books and articles dealing with women in politics. It was created by the Inter-Parliamentary Union in cooperation with the United Nations Development Programme.
Women Working, 1800-1930
Focuses on women's role in the United States economy and provides access to digitized historical, manuscript, and image resources selected from Harvard University's library and museum collections.
World Almanac
Information about geography, politics, current events, etc.
World Bank
The World Bank helps provide low-interest loans, interest-free credits and grants to developing countries for a wide array of purposes. Its site provides access to data and research related to its purpose.
World Fact Book
Everything you wanted to know about countries in the world - a product of the Central Intelligence Agency of the United States Government.
World List of Insect Families
Searchable list of insect families around the world.
World Population Studies
World and national population clocks. Check out the related links.
World Wide Arts Resources
A search engine for visual arts. It provides the largest gateway to the Arts on the Internet. Categories include: Arts locator, artist index, galleries, museums, exhibitions, art for sale, commercial arts, publications, schools, agencies, children's resources, Art History, film resources, literary resources, theatre resources, dance resources, antiques and crafts.
World Wide Virtual Library: History
Exhaustive list of online resources in History.
Worldwide Classroom
A compilation of intercultural and educational programs around the world that welcome international visitors.
Worldwide List of Online Newspapers
An extensive list of online newspapers.
Portal to worldwide science databases and other online science resources organized by country of origin. Access is based on the use of an interactive world map, which allows selection of countries based on their location on the map.
Writers' Block
The Writers' Block website features:
  • online handbooks from across the disciplines
  • online appointment scheduling;
  • interactive exercises in writing;
  • other information about the Oklahoma Christian Writing Center
Writing in College
A guide intended to help first and second year university students write effective papers.
WWW Virtual Library
A distributed subject catalog linking sites across the Internet.
WWW Virtual Library: Law
Extensive links to legal information.
WWW Virtual Library: Sociology
Sociology resources.
WWW Virtual Library: Theatre and Drama
Pointers to theatre resources for professionals, amateurs, academics and students of all ages.
WWW-Sites for Experimental Psychology
Links to information in the following areas: sensation and perception, learning and memory, thinking and problem solving, motivation and emotion, language and Neuropsychology.

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